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In the Cards Four Kings Security, Book 4.5


Love is in the air, and what says ‘romance’ more than a Valentine’s Day wedding? Anston “Ace” Sharpe’s is down in South Florida for his cousin’s wedding, and with his boyfriend Colton accompanying him, Ace has some Valentine’s Day plans of his own. Surrounded by his huge Cuban family, his brothers-in-arms from Four Kings Security, and a groom with a penchant for chaos, what could possibly go wrong? 

Ante Up Four Kings Security, Book 1.5


Look but don’t touch. That’s the rule concerning dancers at Sapphire Sands, the prestigious members-only nightclub where Seth works at as a bartender. Seth has never had a problem following the rules until the day one of the dancers falls into his lap. Literally.

Kit loves his job dancing at Sapphire Sands. Every day his job brings him closer to his dream of opening his own dance studio, so risking it all on the hot bartender is not an option. Or is it?

** This story is a standalone in the Four Kings Security universe. It’s not necessary to read any of the books in the series to enjoy. If you prefer to read the books in order, you can find the series reading order here.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Little Bite of Love, Book 1.5


Enjoy this special read from the Little Bite of Love series.

An Intrepid Trip to Love Little Bite of Love, Book 1


Tristan ‘Trip’ Hagan is a Husky shifter who was born to be the Hagan Clan’s next Alpha, a position of honor and nobility, a position he never wanted and was all too happy to pass onto his younger brother. But when they discovered his brother couldn’t have pups, the responsibility of continuing the Hagan Alpha line fell back to Trip. Under the weight of the Hagan Council’s demand to fulfill his duty, Trip settled down and produced an heir, but after years of struggling to uphold his family’s traditions, Trip found the courage to do what no other Hagan Alpha had done in the history of the clan: he came out.

Five years later, and Trip is living a happy life with his cheeky pup and their own little makeshift family. True mates within canine shifter clans are very rare, but Trip has had one since he can remember. Despite losing his heart to Boone twenty years ago, Trip holds little hope of ever getting to bond with the sexy Enforcer, as it’s against clan laws for pure-bloods to bond with half-breeds. With the call from their feral halves to seal the bond growing stronger by the day, can Trip and Boone find a way to be together without losing everything?

The Only Star Tea House Tales, Book 1.5


A year ago, tea house proprietor Remington Trueblood unwittingly ended up with the Amethyst Cat, a priceless artifact stolen and misplaced by the notorious Gentleman Thief. Determined to retrieve his cat, the thief headed for New York City, unaware that Pinkerton Detective Stanley Hawk was on the case. What Remi and Hawk didn’t expect–aside a whole heap of trouble, was the whirlwind romance which swept them off their feet.

With the thief gone, Remi and Hawk have settled into their new roles as lovers, and nowadays their biggest challenge comes from running the Purple Rose Tea House, and avoiding the shenanigans from the old gals at the Society of Lavender Lilies. Little do they know trouble lurks near, and it’s far more perilous than matchmaking grannies.

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